Lyttos Beach Tennis Academy


In performance tennis, the techniques of a recreational player are not enough to successfully play competitive tennis at a high level! For top performance it is crucial to get a perfect technical education, so the player is given the opportunity to achieve an effective, tactically clever and efficient game direction based on his skills. With our 30 years of experience in competitive tennis, we train and accompany the players in the regional and international competition. In individual sports such as tennis, players learn to work hard, to cope with stress, and to test their emotional and physical balance under stress. We follow a training program that is specially designed for the student, the training is adequately adapted to the respective player.


Especially at the beginning of a "tennis career", no matter what age, you should always take coaching lessons so that no technical mistakes creep in. An incorrectly used striking technique is very difficult to correct afterwards.

Basic training

Introducing the basic technical forms of striking and mastery of the ball and racket.

Basics training

Learning the basic tennis techniques Training of speed of reaction and frequency versatile training of all motor skills with a focus on the coordinative abilities general and specific forms of play and movement that promote footwork and the feeling for the ball.

Advance training

In this training the high quality of the basic techniques as well as the tennis technique development are aimed at, mistakes made in this section will hardly be able to compensate for them later.

Advance training 1

up to the age of 12 all striking techniques must be available in the basic form, double-sided slice, topspin drive, flying ball, butterfly ball, two types of service etc. should be used in the match according to age.

Advance training 2

Taktik Training gewinnt aufgrund der Technikperfektionierung an Bedeutung Alle Techniken mit relativ hoher Qualität müssen zur Verfügung stehen Kraft- und Ausdauertraining sollen intensiviert sein.


The perfection of the situational technique must be completed and the training must be geared strongly to the individuality of the respective player. Condition / coordination / technique and tactics training must be geared to the individual. Training frequency per week: 6-12 times. Build-up period (6-7 weeks) in early October, November Build-up period (3-4 weeks) March / April Regeneration is very important